Avoidable Dental Fractures in Dogs

posted: by: Dr. Emily Neenan Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Hey dog owners! Our dogs love doing lots of things that they shouldn't- chewing table legs, counter surfing and digging up the yard.  

They also love treats that are not great for the health of their teeth that are readily available. Antlers, marrow bones and ice cubes can crack teeth. Sometimes these breaks are visible during exams and sometimes only by dental x-ray. Dental fractures are logically painful to our pets and unless caught very early, can only be treated by extraction.

Other things to watch out for are dogs that love chewing on rocks (more fractured teeth!) and also tennis balls can over time file down teeth, leading to pulp cavity exposure.

Pick dental friendly treats and toys to help avoid preventable and painful dental disease!