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We hope that you and your pets are all well.  

Last week we were in a place where people with concerning symptoms for COVID-19 were being tested and as the situation is progressing, testing is not always being encouraged or is even available.  We still stand by our decision to close last week, but need to plan given where we are now and from a veterinary clinic standpoint, we are trying to do the right thing for you and your pets.  

Currently, we are still waiting for test results and everyone at the Winter Hill Veterinary Clinic is still healthy and symptom free of COVID-19.

We plan on opening Monday 3/23, but in a very different way.  Our thoughts are to put as many safety measures in place for you, while not withholding much needed veterinary care.   We have to redefine how we provide services and we want to continue to give you the complete transparency that you deserve.  

Things that are important for you to know:

-according to the CDC’s information about how long COVID-19 can last in the environment, we have a safe clinic as of Monday 3/23

-we will have a very small staff in the clinic starting tomorrow, email is by far the best way to communicate 

-no staff members will be allowed in the clinic without an N95 mask and gloves and no sick staff members will be allowed in the building

-we cannot let anyone inside the clinic aside from healthy, masked and gloved veterinary medical team members in an effort to keep the environment as safe and clean as possible

-we need to focus our efforts on caring for sick patients only and have to triage, all wellness visits in the clinic will need to be postponed, surgeries will still be available, but also need to be triaged 

-for patients that are coming to the hospital we ask that you fill out an online exam form, we will also ask that a symptom free person bring them to their visit

-if your pet is being seen, you will contact us when you arrive and stay in your car, a staff member will meet you outside to take them inside and at this point we will be in touch over the phone when the exam is complete and to make a plan together 

-we do have the ability to coordinate medication and food pick up, which also respects social distancing 

-since we are currently unable to provide the same standards of medical care and need to delay wellness exams and routine testing, we want to make sure that your pets have their needed prescriptions, we are encouraging thinking ahead to keep your pet healthy 

-telemedicine/virtual vet and tech visits, as well as behavior consults are getting started and are available, if you are interested, please email with the subject CONSULT and we will arrange a time frame together when a doctor, technician or certified dog trainer can call to give advice for your pet (all costs are only for the time that you need and the breakdown is as follows- veterinarian $55.00 for 30 minutes, certified dog trainer $40.00 for 30 min, veterinary technician $20.00 per 30 minutes).  Please feel free to email with any questions about these new services.  

Please continue to monitor our website for the latest information- as promised, when we have test result information we will let you know and we are always striving to do right by all of you and your pets.

All of our best and stay well,

The Winter Hill Veterinary Clinic Team