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Winter Hill Veterinary Clinic is offering virtual veterinary, technician, and behavioral consults. This allows us to help you and your pets in the safest way possible to respect social distancing.

Why choose virtual visits or consults?

With a vet?

Do you need veterinary advice but want to stay home? Can’t come in because you are sick? We can schedule a telemedicine consult with one of our veterinarians. They will be able to discuss your pet with you, offer advice over the phone, and prescribe medication if needed. We can also offer Zoom video consults if needed. These services are most readily available Wednesday and Friday mornings. Fill out a form by clicking here!

With a technician?

Do you need advice for how to give insulin or take blood sugar samples for diabetes? Do you need a refresher for how to give subcutaneous injections or fluids? Do you need advice for how to trim your pet’s toenails or you’re unsure how to clean your pet’s ears? We have veterinary technicians that can walk you through this! Fill out a form by clicking here!

With a certified trainer?

Are you raising a puppy when it can’t go to classes? Had your dog been attending obedience training that they can no longer receive due to closures?  Is your pet having trouble adjusting to you working from home? Our certified dog trainer can help you with a virtual behavior consult.

There are lots of ways to work on teaching your dog good behaviors while you are at home and our Certified Dog Trainer can help! Whether you have a puppy, newly adopted dog or an older dog with behavior issues, now is the perfect time to train! Once you have filled out the Virtual Behavior Consult Request, our Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) will contact you and help create a training plan for you and your dog. You will receive a Behavior Modification Plan, step by step handouts on specific cues you've agreed to work on and goals to attain each day/week depending on the plan. Teaching your dog new behaviors and cues takes lots of consistency and patience to succeed and usually requires more than one consult. Phone and video consults will be available! Fill out a form by clicking here!

If you are interested in a consult please click the above links or visit our main page for links to request these services so we can get you scheduled right away!